5 Holiday eCommerce Marketing Tips And Tricks

With the holiday season right around the corner now is the time to put your holiday eCommerce marketing plan into action. For many eCommerce site owners, this holiday marketing plan is already in place and ready to go. However, if you have yet to develop your marketing plan for the holidays, don’t worry — there’s still plenty of time.

These actionable tips and tricks will help you create a powerful eCommerce marketing strategy to ensure that you have the best holiday season on record.

Bill Michelon Holiday Marketing Tips

Create a Strategy

Even if you are starting late, it is still very important to take the time to create a marketing strategy. Don’t jump into any marketing plan until you have established a clear set of goals. In addition, set a holiday marketing budget to ensure you obtain the best return on your investment. You also need to determine what metrics you will use to track success including revenue, average order value, conversion rates, and the like.

Become Mobile Friendly

More consumers are shopping with their mobile devices than ever before. The only way you can attract this huge consumer audience to your website it to ensure it is mobile-friendly. If you have no taken this step yet, now is the time. Studies show that about half of the holiday shoppers start shopping even before Thanksgiving, so you have no time to waste. Make sure your eCommerce site is mobile-friendly as soon as possible, and avoid the risk of losing many valuable holiday shoppers.

Clean Up Your Website

Along with making your website mobile-friendly, you want to make sure it is user-friendly too. Make sure all of your products have photos and product descriptions included. Shoppers are more likely to pass right by websites that appear incomplete or don’t provide all the valuable information they want. In addition, make sure your website’s shopping cart and checkout system are easy-to-use and easy-to-understand. You certainly don’t want to lose any customers right at the end of the sale’s process.

The last thing you want to happen is to have your website shut down on one of the busiest shopping days of the year, such as Cyber Monday. In order to avoid this, look at previous traffic flow rates for campaigns you have run in the past to get an idea of your website’s consumer traffic ebbs and flows. Then, check with your hosting company to find out what options are available to ensure your eCommerce sites don’t become overloaded.

Develop a Holiday SEO Strategy

SEO doesn’t take a break for the holidays. Instead, it should get a makeover. Effective SEO keywords shift over the holidays, and your content must shift to meet this demand. For example, if you operate a clothing eCommerce website, you might use SEO words like “mens shirts online,” “mens fashions,” and “mens shirts for sale”. While these words are still important, you also want to integrate some holiday key phrases, such as “great gifts for men” and “gifts every man wants for Christmas,” into your content.

Get Social

With Facebook alone having more than one billion users, you can’t afford to ignore the power of social media. Like it or not, you must make your holiday marketing plan social. The good news is that social media sites, like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, provide a platform that allows you to attract a large audience in a relatively short period of time. Work to increase your social following, with marketing tricks like online contests, giveaways, and sales notifications. Use these tactics to encourage your current followers to share your content on their page and to invite others to follow.

According to a 2015 RJMetrics study, revenue for many businesses goes up by as much as 30 percent during the holiday season. Don’t risk losing your share of the holiday market. Instead, use these holiday marketing tips and tricks to put a successful commerce marketing plan in place now.

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