About Bill Michelon

About Bill MichelonBill Michelon is a highly experienced and successful mentor, with a stellar history of marketing and business consulting. Businessman, successful entrepreneur, rainmaker, and master facilitator, Michelon’s fresh approach and marketing savviness resonates with clients, making him a recognized thought leader. His accomplishments put him on a radar as an industry leader. With more than a decade of experience helping companies drive online visibility, Michelon helps companies drive leads and sales.

As a digital media buyer, Bill Michelon slays. He brings a proven track record for helping clients pinpoint solutions and problem-solve. He does this by boosting their personal brand and establishing powerful identities. Bill works closely with clients, creating, implementing, and communicating digital media strategies and objectives. He oversees digital reporting, optimizations, and performance insights. Michelon then translates these insights into recommendations helping to foster greater success.

Bill Michelon’s Career History

Setting Bill apart from the rest is more than 10 years of work as a Digital Media Buyer. Over the past decade to present, Bill Michelon continues mastering the art of communication, effective listening, and performance under pressure. He leads small business owners toward better metrics. This, in turn, creates stronger brands.

Part of Bill Michelon’s expertise is evaluating and recommending digital advertising to clients. His personal and professional experience has prepared him well. His experience translating digital insight into laymen’s terms by working with programmatic buying tools including Google Analytics, Google Adwords, and other third party ad servers helps ensure client success. He regularly negotiates direct buys with digital publishers. Bill Michelon successfully plans, manages, and executes digital media advertising buys across a variety of networks. Overall, he is highly driven and ambitious. Bill utilizes his critical eye for detail, keen business acumen, and a love for building awareness to help clients succeed.

Bill’s early marketing and managerial roles helped him refine his profession experience, catapulting him to success. Today, he is a sought-after marketer. He brings a decade of insight to the forefront, helping clients achieve higher levels of engagement, and boosting their brand.

Bill Michelon’s Industry Insights

According to Michelon, more and more companies are learning that digital media campaigns are a necessity if you want to remain competitive. In the age of technology and e-commerce, many businesses wonder if in the near future the purchasing of products will be solely through computers and mobile devices. They wonder whether it will be the end of shopping in physical stores. Michelon points out how retailers are closing their brick and mortar locations because consumers choose to shop online.

Digital media advertising has become a must-have, with studies showing that three out of four consumers consult online media before committing to a purchase. Michelon also points out that consumers even browse digital data before making their offline purchase. Even with intentions to shop at a traditional retail store, consumers first research online for products and services. This is just part of Bill Michelon’s skill-set. On a daily basis, he leverages data to improve performance. He then measures how information must be digitally translated to influence purchases. Bill Michelon is quickly becoming an authority for knowing the online culture of companies and brands, and helping clients achieve long-term success and growth.

Bill Michelon’s Personal Insights

On a more personal level, Bill Michelon spends a lot of time reading, enjoying sports, and looking forward to becoming a more active philanthropist. “After spending a significant amount of time building my career, I would like to give more back,” says Michelon. He’s an advocate for several issues and would like to promote positive change in communities by supporting entrepreneurship, reading, and media projects. Michelon also is looking for ways to become more altruistic in supporting veteran programs.

Bill Michelon is a graduate of the University of San Francisco and holds a Master Certificate in Internet Marketing.