BarxBuddy: 4 Reasons Why You Should Have This Pet Trainer In 2020

BarxBuddy Pet Trainer

While I am very confident in my knowledge as far as business is concerned, I must say that I need help in other areas. Even though my dog is everything to me, I am admittedly not the best at properly training my dog to behave the way I want them to. He’s great around the house, but doesn’t exactly behave well around other dogs.

Traditional training courses have helped in some ways, but I was looking for ways to improve at home as well. BarxBuddy is a product that initially caught my eye thanks to some savvy marketing, but after trying it, it sold me over the long run. I was able to see a difference in just that first week, and my dog is now well behaved all the time. What makes BarxBuddy different than its competition? This is why I decided to stick with the device.


At first glance, BarxBuddy doesn’t seem like anything different than a flashlight or some other device a person walks around with. However, it is designed that way, as simplicity is sometimes the best way to go. Instead of making something complex, the device helps with training, and doesn’t try to do anything else.

This allows for very easy use, even for a complete novice like myself. There are some devices out there that are a little too complicated for their own good. This is all anyone needs to work on training at home.


No one wants a device that they have to constantly charge or replace the batteries. It’s just an added hassle, especially if it’s time to go for a walk. BarxBuddy requires virtually no maintenance whatsoever. It lasts for a long time, and it’s durable as well. I’ve dropped my device I don’t know how many times, and it still functions well and gets a response from my dog.

Completely safe

The last thing I wanted to do was harm my dog in any way. Believe it or not, there are still some training methods that aren’t exactly gentle on canines.

BarxBuddy does not harm the dog at all, and it won’t affect its mood in any way whatsoever. It’s only seen as a positive, which is exactly what I wanted. I certainly didn’t want my dog to start resenting me for using the device too much when out for a walk or playing around.


For about the cost of one training class, BarxBuddy can be purchased online. To me, that’s a great deal, because if I added everything up, it’s been worth the money.

They also have options to buy multiple BarxBuddy devices at one time. Some might not understand the added value there, but it’s nice to have at least a backup option if something does happen. It’s only a little bit more, and even if it’s used sparingly, most feel it is worth the peace of mind. I’ve only used my spare a few times, and for now, I have it stuffed in my travel bag.

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