My Five Hundo Interview

Most would describe me, Bill Michelon, as a very successful businessman, entrepreneur, and facilitator for excellence. They would also say I am an outstanding marketing coach and a business consultant, with a cutting edge approach. My marketing genius readily resonates with his numerous clients.Most regard me as a popular and highly sought after thought leader, with well over a decade’s experience. I enjoy helping companies significantly improve their online visibility, driving traffic, and shooting up the sales stats.
As a buyer of digital media, my work has been amazing. I come to the table with a well established and proven record of helping companies identify problems and offer effective and long lasting solutions. I am able to achieve this by promoting the clients’ brands and helping them establish powerful identities. I work closely with his numerous clients creating, promoting, implementing and communicating digital media objectives and strategies.
I am a well-recognized authority in lead generation, sales, and customer retention, with companies, and even colleagues, frequently leaning on me to keep up with the dynamic world of technology. I provide tips on the best practices in marketing, as well as, for counsel and effective strategies to grow the companies’ online visibility.
Recently, I chatted with, baring my mind on certain aspects of my life and career, and sharing a few personal insights.

Favorite Books Third Circle Theory

I, like several other business professionals, loves reading. I am a huge fan of biographies and business books. I love whenever something “clicks” with me after reading a new book. My new favorite book is Pejman Ghadimi’s Third Circle Theory, reading it about three times.

Favorite TV Show

Quite unsurprisingly, my favorite TV show is Shark Tank. Sales and negotiations are fast becoming a lost art. I love seeing the wins on this show as much as the losses. You can easily predict when a product will be hit when pitching to the sharks.
I am thrilled when a shark finds a new angle or a new use for an idea that is pitched to them. While they might not see a direct fit for a product on sale, they are thrilled by a patent or a new technology they can take advantage of. They work with the owner to improve on it and make it more successful. I simply do not get tired Shark Tank!

Looking Into The Future

Regarding the future, I want to get more involved in charity. I owe my success in my career and business to hard work and a lot of sacrifices. I have given up a lot of time in pursuit of my digital media career. I love to give back to society. After the recent Memorial Day, I decided I wanted to give back to families of service members for all they have done for the country. I am an advocate for many causes; I love to promote positive changes in communities by encouraging entrepreneurship, media projects, and reading.

Favorite Thing About The Industry

I want to be free to be travel wherever I want to and yet be as productive as if I were working back in my office at home.

Best Advice

My best advice is to never get sucked into complacency. The more hungry you get, the greater your chances of becoming more successful. Never rest on your laurels. If you do, you will be shocked to discover that several of your peers have left you far behind. Always be vigilant

Bill Michelon

Entrepreneur, Travel Guru, Family Man

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