How To Become A Successful Entrepreneur: My Interview With The Startup Magazine

Whenever somebody asks me where to find the inspiration necessary to become an entrepreneur, I refer them to The Startup Magazine. It launched as a blog allowing entrepreneurs across various industries to come together and share the experiences and strategies necessary for the success of a young company.

Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down with the fine folks at The Startup Magazine to discuss my background and how I became a successful entrepreneur. I also shared some of my best tips for budding entrepreneurs.

Bill Michelon Featured on the Startup Magazine


My Startup Magazine Interview

My interview begins by explaining my background. I graduated from the University of San Francisco with a Master’s Certificate in Internet Marketing, a qualification that I used to start numerous companies over my career. I’ve spent the last decade as a Digital Media Buyer, meaning that I help small businesses develop more targeted digital ads using analytical tools such as Google Adwords and Google Analytics.

The first question they asked me inquired about why I am such a big believer in the value of a mentor to an entrepreneur. Regular readers may already know this, but I have found that there is little value in repeating the mistakes of others when you’re just starting out. More experienced businessmen have probably already faced the challenges you are currently dealing with, and it is nothing short of stubborn to avoid their expertise in solving your dilemma.

The next question asked how I ensured every day was productive. My answer stressed the importance of accomplishing something early on, such as grinding fresh coffee beans for my morning coffee. This little accomplishment opens the floodgates to more as the day wears on. I also identify the two most important things for me to do on any particular day, ensuring that I limit time spent on lesser priorities.

The third question inquired about my definition of success. I answered that being productive and taking pride in what you did is the best definition of the word. I now have a team of people to help me accomplish my goals, but I still derive the most satisfaction from tasks that I personally tend to.

Bill Michelon Cryptocurrency

They then asked me what I saw as the future of my business. Some regular readers may already know that the answer is cryptocurrency, but I cannot stress the potential of blockchain technology to revolutionize commerce as we know it enough. It drives me bananas when somebody refers to crypto as a shady money-making scheme with no independent value. It’s so much more than that! I went on to recommend a crypto news site without any fluff or bias to those interested in investing in crypto themselves.

Finally, they got to the core of the interview: what advice do I have for budding entrepreneurs? I knew the question was coming, and it was still the hardest to answer! Do I emphasize how important it is to remain intellectually curious, learning new strategies at all stages of your career? Do I instead focus on the importance of regular rest to the creative process? I couldn’t decide, so I mentioned both points briefly.

The interview concluded by asking how readers can connect with me. I recommended this blog, of course, and also cited my Twitter and Facebook pages as ideal places to learn my latest marketing strategies.

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