InventureX: Crowdfunding Your Way to Success

As the modern marketplace becomes increasingly digital, entrepreneurs are turning to innovative solutions to raise startup capital. Among them is crowdfunding, or using a platform such as Kickstarter to solicit multiple smaller financial contributions online instead of one large one from a bank or investor.If you've got a crowdfunding idea, InventureX can help.

This model offers several advantages over others, most notably allowing an entrepreneur to maintain all of the equity in their idea. Backers receive your product or service when it’s ready instead of monetary repayment, giving them incentive to support your idea until the end as well.

Crowdfunding is becoming increasingly difficult due to how popular it’s become, with successful ideas needing to stand out in a crowd (pardon the pun) in order to garner the funds they deserve. InventureX is a marketing agency that has helped entrepreneurs secure capital through crowdfunding since 2012, giving them the expertise needed to take your idea from a vague vision to a fully realized company.

Like Having A Partner

Once they decide to take a given project on, the experts at InventureX work with an entrepreneur through every step of the crowdfunding process. First, they’ll help determine if crowdfunding is the right solution for you. If it is, they’ll help you choose a platform and then generate a buzz on social media so that potential investors are ready to contribute when the time comes to collect money.InventureX partners with you and are invested in your success.

You often don’t get to keep what you raise if you fail to reach your goal, so the experts at InventureX can help you set a realistic target that nevertheless allows you to deliver on everything you promised. If you need a better business plan or even a fancy incentive structure, InventureX can help there as well.

How Does It Work?

InventureX looks to get your product out there through a viral social media campaign, with targeted Facebook ads closing any gaps left behind. Video is widely considered the future of advertising, so InventureX will help you create a good one if you can’t on your own. It all adds up to an 86 percent success rate, one of the highest in the industry! It’s truly a smarter way to crowdfund.

A Record Of Success

InventureX has helped fund dozens of successful projects, ranging from as little as $5,000 to over $1 million. They also have experience with multiple crowdfunding platforms, including IndieGoGo and the aforementioned Kickstarter. Some of their best performances came on behalf of the Peachy Printer, the market’s first affordable 3D printer and practitioner of craniosacral therapy looking to put together an online course to teach students safe and easy ways to perform the practice on others.

Mark Campbell – VP of Marketing at InventureX recently featured in this Forbes article.

The company raised an impressive $504,986 for the project, more than needed for the product to launch!

InventureX also offers numerous pricing packages that allow their services to fit into nearly any budget, making the dream of turning your idea into reality more accessible than ever before!

Ready To Learn More?

If you’re interested in working with InventureX (and Kevin Harrington – look here!) on your next big idea, you can visit the company online at to schedule a free consultation with no obligation. Your consultant will be able to answer any questions you have about how InventureX can help you or crowdfunding in general, helping you feel more prepared to enter this competitive arena.

In summation, crowdfunding is the future of raising startup capital, and the experts at InventureX can help ensure that your campaign is a success. In fact, one recent report in Crowdfund Insider noted that entrepreneurs who partner with a company such as InventureX are three times as likely to meet their goal than those who attempt to go it alone. If you want statistics like that on your side, reach out to InventureX today!

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