Best Places to Score Last Minute Travel Deals

With Labor Day weekend just around corner, many people are left planning their last summer trip. (If you are still looking for a place to go this summer, read about My Top 5 Summer Travel Destinations). If those people, are anything like me, they often procrastinate and wait until the last minute to book their trips and sometimes get stuck paying more. Sometimes my schedule doesn’t allow me to plan trips far in advanced, as last minute things always pop up. Because of this, I’ve come to rely on several sites to score last minute travel deals. Below are some of my favorite spots to use when planning in a pinch.

Bill Michelon's List of Last Minute Travel Deals

Scott’s Cheap Flights

I came across Scott’s Cheap Flights on Facebook. A friend shared one of Scott’s deals and I was hooked. So, what is Scott’s Cheap Flights? Scott’s Cheap Flights provides daily updates on cheap international flight deals. If you are somewhat flexible on travel dates and on departure airports, then this site is for you.

Scott searches all day, every day for cheap flights. When he finds “mistake fares” or really good deals, he emails his subscribers and/or posts the deals on Facebook. In his post, he provides departure airports and arrival airports. He posts the lowest price he finds for this trip, as well as, any other incentives including when there are no bag fees for the trip. He also provides you with instructions and sites where you can book the trip. A friend of mine recently scored two roundtrip tickets to Rome from Atlanta for less than $1,000. If you are wanting to become more of a worldly traveler, without paying the high price to do so, then I highly recommend Scott’s Cheap Flights.


Expedia is one of the larger travel search engines. Most people have probably heard of Expedia, but may not realize that they post daily last minute travel deals. You can score last minute travel deals, by visiting their Last Minute Deals page. There you can view last minute flight deals from your home airport or nearby airport, as well as, last minute hotel deals, and packages that include both flights and hotels.

Another cool thing about Expedia, which is why I really like it, is that they accept Bitcoin. I’ve become quite the Bitcoin investor and am able to utilize the currency I’ve acquired to pay for my last minute travel. Using Bitcoin to book my flight and hotel, allows me to free up some cash to use while traveling.


My favorite last minute travel resource is AirBnB. This is a great for when I want to take a road trip and am looking for a place to crash, especially on holiday weekends when hotels hike up their prices. You also don’t have to worry about all the extras hotels charge you like parking fees and the elusive “resort” fee. AirBnB is straight forward with their pricing. Many hosts offer flexible cancellations, so if your plans change, you are not stuck paying for the trip.

I also love that AirBnB lets me really experience the city I am visiting. I get to interact with hosts when they are on site. These hosts provide me with a local feel for the city. I love that I don’t get stuck visiting “tourist traps” thanks to the recommendations from many of the hosts I have stayed with. When I am looking for a more private stay, I can book an entire home. This is great for larger groups. I make sure though, that my group respects the hosts property. This ensures I get a good review from the host and am able to use AirBnB again. I also like to read the reviews done by others who have stayed at the property before booking.

Sometimes you just need to get away! Last minute travel doesn’t have to break the bank. These are just a few of the many resources available to book last minute travel. You can stay up to date with my travels and ventures by following me on Facebook and Twitter.

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