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Bill Michelon IdeaMensch Interview

Recently, I had the opportunity to be interviewed by the folks at IdeaMensch. The interview focused on my entrepreneurial career and success. Before I take you through the interview highlights, you must be wondering what or who IdeaMensch is and what exactly they do.

IdeaMensch is an organization that promotes individuals with great ideas—mostly entrepreneurs. They conduct interviews featuring persons with quality and life changing business ideas. The company was founded by a German student, Mario Schulzke, and it has taken huge steps in promoting great business minds since its inception. They publish interviews that feature established and upcoming entrepreneurs. They are open for invites, and it wasn’t hard inviting them over for a sit-down.

Highlights From My IdeaMensch Interview

What Excites Me

The interviewer wanted to know what is one new trend that currently excites me as an entrepreneur. I answered by stating that the cryptocurrency industry is one that I have been spending time learning about and investing in. I noted in the interview that 2017 was a big year for cryptocurrency. I said in the interview that I view cryptocurrency as a long term investment.

What I do Regularly and Can Recommend Others To Do Too

One thing I noted in my interview with IdeaMensch that I do regularly and others fail to do is take breaks. I love a change of scenery every now and then when the going gets tough. I love to travel, go on hikes, get acupuncture from time to time, or a long drive to give my brain a chance to refresh and reset. As I noted in the interview, this helps me come back with new, fresh ideas. In the interview, I encouraged other entrepreneurs and business people to keep their mental health a high priority.


A Business Failure I Had to Overcome

I expected this question as it is common in many interviews, and I had to be thoughtful of the response considering the intensity of the question. I noted that there was not one specific failure I had to overcome, but rather that every business person has to overcome failures at some point in their life and career. What helps me overcome them is to be tough and learn from my mistakes. I also seek advice from mentors in the industry.

Business Idea Willing to Share with the Community

Considering that I come from a humble background, there are lots of business ideas that I have for the community. As I noted above, I highly recommend entrepreneurs and business people seek out a mentor. I noted in the interview that 90% of business owners have too much pride and want to figure it all out by themselves, without seeking the help of a mentor.

Strategies for Business Growth

One strategy that I recommended to interview readers for business growth was just to have confidence in the product you are selling or promoting. When people see your enthusiasm, they will follow suit. Whether you are attracting customers or trying to grow your team, you should stand behind your product 100 percent.

You can read my full IdeaMensch interview by visiting:

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