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Bill Michelon Know My Steez Interview

Most people know me, Bill Michelon, as a successful internet entrepreneur. I have a proven track record of offering long-lasting solutions that have helped companies identify and resolve problems. My philosophy is that one should strike while the opportunity is open, or as the saying goes, “striking while the iron is still hot”.

My entrepreneurial spirit was spurred on when I was still a teen merchandising my door-to-door services to local businesses that were interested in building websites and mapping out their online presence. For me, taking to technology and computers came easily; I found myself gravitating more to the creative aspects of building, designing, and optimizing websites. Today, I offer companies tips on marketing best practices and effective strategies on how they can grow their online visibility. Recently I had the pleasure of sitting down with Know My Steez. Here are some highlights from my interview.

Know My Steez

You want to know my steez? I believe in style with ease! My style of operating is very actionable. Those who don’t know me might assume I’m not thinking about anything, but those in my inner circle know that I’m always planning and thinking 10 steps into the future. Perhaps I can say that Bill Michelon is contemplative and calm, but I also know about having a good time! I also love reading and I am a big fan of business books and biographies.

My Inspiration

I tend to believe that the knack of creating something from nothing steered me to this lucrative digital realm where there are endless opportunities. When I initially mastered how to build a website, it amazed me when the final product fitted together. It was something I built for myself — without even having to show anyone. Then I knew that it created an opportunity that could be used to bring in income and open doors to whatever the world has to offer.

Fast forward to today and everyday, I’m still being inspired by what I am learning on the internet. Ranging from new services and technologies to pioneering social platforms, I am kept busy! Lately, Cryptocurrencies have caught my interest. Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Ripple have the potential of changing the world in more ways than we can visualize. I am convinced that we have not seen their final full impact yet. It excites me greatly as I can see new potential to become creative and design something new from virtually nothing.

My Biggest Accomplishment

When I look at it from a business angle, I would say that my biggest achievement was selling my first company. There’s really nothing compared to that!

My Views about Social Media

Social media is valuable if you are running a business—digital, or brick and mortar. Usually, believe it or not, customers connect with your business on social media first to check for reviews and to get a feeling of trust. People will in some cases, even message you over Facebook with questions on your services, product, or for issues related to customer service. It is absolutely a must to have your business on social media. I personally run my Bill Michelon Facebook page, and these days, it’s always an excellent idea to view yourself as a company.

Would I do Things Differently?

Given the chance to start all over again, I don’t think anything would be very different. If anything, perhaps I would engage a mentor early for guidance and to help with making hard business decisions. Most of my decisions I did myself and at times it was hard.

Advice to Readers

Never allow failure to halt your growth and always learn from your mistakes as they are unavoidable. Do not rest on your laurels. Winners just keep on moving along. Don’t be emotional about your business. Your decisions should be guided by whether you stand to benefit at the conclusion of it all.

Bill Michelon

Entrepreneur, Travel Guru, Family Man

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