Top 5 Summer Travel Destinations From Bill Michelon

If you’ve just started planning your summer travel destinations, “read this first,” says Bill Michelon. Now, my vacations are few and far between. I, Bill Michelon, rarely put my faith in allowing others to choose where I go. I also need my fill of food, fun, and a bit of nature, and as you can tell.

Sri Pawna

The first place I recommend everyone visit is Sri Panwa. This is not the first time Phuket has landed on my radar. When a holiday destination attracts the attention of Thai royalty or some of the most important entertainment figures, it definitely peaks my interest. I’m told the food is almost better than the breathtaking views. Aside from the villas, private suites with your own pool, and a full-service spa, I’m told Baba Nest is a foodies paradise. The Nest is an exclusive rooftop bar. Their famous Kobe Beef, Baba Hot Box, and Baba Soul Food is to die for. There is not one bad review. For fun, you’ve got ocean diving, bike tours, swimming with dolphins, or visiting a rum distillery. Sri Panwa Phuket makes it to the top of the list.

Costa Rica Arenal Volcano Summer Travel

Second on the list is Costa Rica. It’s one of those places that fits every lifestyle. If you’re looking for a relaxing getaway, you can spend lazy days enjoying the sea breeze and the Caribbean sun on any one of the many beaches. But if you are an adventurer or nature lover, Costa Rica is an ideal location because of the immense biodiversity of species and leisure activities offered. The destination is also known for its volcanic landscape. The world famous Arenal Volcano, which is considered one of the most active volcanoes around the world can sometimes surprise tourists with small harmless eruptions. Also, there is a budget for every pocket. You can enjoy Costa Rica without living on ramen noodles for the entire summer.


One of the most beautiful destinations is Belize. A small country, bordered on the west and south by Guatemala and on the east by the Caribbean Sea, is unforgettable. One of the biggest tourist attractions are the Mayan archaeological sites including the 1000-year old Xunantunich site. There are many sightseeing tours to help explore the islands, or you can rent a bike and go out on your own. You can also experience the stunning wildlife, like the world’s first jaguar sanctuary at the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary. You can also visit mysterious underground caves. Belize also is home to the second largest barrier reef in the world. Whether you choose relaxing on the beach or a more adventurous journey, Belize is anything but typical.

Greek Islands

Fourth on the list is a place that deserves a spot on every bucket list: the Greek Islands. Rhodes, Greece, is known as one of the sunniest regions in Europe. It’s the fourth largest island in Greece and has vibrant coastal regions, picturesque old towns, cozy specialties, and local and remote mountain villages.

Acropolis is a popular destination, and Rhodes offers just about every water sport you can imagine. You also have the opportunity to island hop. You can skip over to Kos, which is referred to as the party island because of the many bars and restaurants. Or travel to Crete, the largest Greek island which is also the largest island in the Mediterranean. During the summer, Crete features on-going summer festivals and is the best island for active tourists who like exploring on foot including taking long hikes. In all, you have 10 different islands to hop from.

New Orleans

The last on the list is right here in the United States – New Orleans. You have to visit New Orleans at least once in your life. It doesn’t sound like a summer destination but trust me, you could pick any week during the summer and it’s like an all-night party you’ll attend. The multi-cultural atmosphere of New Orleans attracts tourists from around the world. The heart is the French Quarter, which the name suggests, comes from the French Colonial period. It’s a melting pot of several cultures that include mixed populations of African-Americans, Indians, Creoles and French. Known for its excellent beignets and its cafe au lait, they also specialize in seafood, jambalaya, and stews. Most tourists take part in the river casinos, and also enjoy the mixed drinks and music on the famous Bourbon Street. While New Orleans is definitely not a typical vacation for relaxing, you can find relaxing moments walking around town and exploring cultural sights.


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